Our Advantage

Whether our partners are existing or potential partners in manufacturers, governments, or enterprises, or end customers, our focus, expertise, and global resources help them get closer to their markets.

Excellent end-to-end service

Our services add value to customers at every stage of the supply chain. Through international networks, efficient logistics services, and deep market awareness, we deepen the close connection between suppliers and demanders throughout the entire supply chain, providing customers with higher quality and more valuable services.

Effective risk management

Sino-union Material has established a strict risk management and regulatory system to address various risks it faces. Actively managing and minimizing identifiable or foreseeable risks brought about by its activities, by expanding our trading capabilities, we diversify our business and reduce overall risk exposure to improve adjusted risk performance.

Improving competitiveness

As innovators, we focus on improving market efficiency. Increase liquidity by introducing new counterparties and deepening connections between suppliers and end users. We develop new trade routes and product categories to stimulate economic growth through infrastructure investment.

Strong financial capabilities

At all times, Sino-union Material is a reliable trading partner. We have the breadth and scale to conduct business in multiple markets. Our diversified financing model has increased flexibility, allowing us to seize business opportunities.

Port Services

Customs declaration, inspection application, connection for vessel inspection and handling of dock berthing procedures Accepting client's commission to pay value-added tax, oil pollution fund, dry bottom water fees, and customs deposit (value-added tax) Professional personnel can be arranged to supervise the quality appraisal and inspection of unloaded crude oil, providing customers with comprehensive testing needs. Timely collection of customs and other tax documents according to customer requirements

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