About Us

About Us

Sino-union Material Group Limited ("Sino-union Material") is established in Hong Kong. Enterprises focusing on the import and export of goods, technology, and comprehensive services have gradually expanded into international trade enterprises with full channels, fast fashion, and fast delivery. It has developed into a diversified group enterprise that integrates self operated import and export, foreign trade incubation, cross-border import and export, and supply chain management. Sino-union Material always adheres to the concept of "patriotism, innovation, inclusiveness, and kindness", and attaches great importance to the exploration, introduction, and cultivation of talents. Explore and establish the most valuable import and export trade operation system with creative and sustainable service capabilities.

Corporate Values

Adapting to Economic Globalization with Company Globalization

- 01
Corporate Vision

Building a world-class multinational company with global competitiveness

- 02
Core values

people-oriented, collaborative innovation, excellence and win-win situation

- 03
Development Philosophy

Pursuing sustainable development based on quality and efficiency

- 04
Innovation Concept

Innovation is the first driving force behind development

- 05
Safety Ohilosophy

safety first, life first

- 05
Quality Philosophy

Quality is life, quality is the chance of victory

- 07
Brand Philosophy

Lean creates quality, and quality creates a brand

- 08
Customer Philosophy

I am the only one who succeeds when the customer is successful

- 09
Global Philosophy

co discussion, co construction, sharing, and win-win situation

Competitive Philosophy

Compete gracefully

- 11
Risk Philosophy

Be cautious in starting and acting, and do well in achieving success

- 12
Lean Philosophy

constantly improving and striving for excellence

Responsibility Concept

Take on heavy responsibilities and travel long distances

- 14
Compliance Philosophy

Building a foundation with compliance and maintaining an evergreen foundation

Sustainable development

Our purpose: We connect the world, promote inclusive social prosperity and economic growth, while respecting and nurturing our common home, our blue planet.

Achieving sustainable supply chain

We recognize the crucial role we play in connecting the world, and our strong core values and long-term vision drive our commitment to playing a role in creating a sustainable future. We take pride in responsible behavior and collaborate with others to find solutions to address today's global challenges and those that will affect our business in the coming years and decades.

As a global company with clear goals, Sino-union Material has a responsibility to help establish a supply chain that is both elastic and sustainable in the future, and to contribute to an inclusive global trading system.

Promoting inclusive trade

The global economy relies on transportation and logistics to achieve trade, promote growth and social prosperity. Sino-union Material is in a unique position to create value by connecting local communities, promoting entry into global markets, and providing support to customers through flexible and uninterrupted supply chains.

Addressing social challenges

We live in an interconnected world where the businesses of global companies are interconnected, bringing prosperity to people and society. Our social impact is not limited to our diverse workforce, but also includes our business partners who work with us to establish a sustainable supply network.

We address social challenges by promoting human rights; Promote diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness; And participate in our supply chain.